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Our Submersible Sewage Pump Aftersale Service
Posttime:2015-05-05 08:50:00
We,aston,offer 2 year warranty,good aftersale service,and we can match pump parts for pumps that you have bought.
2 year


We undertake to remedy the following faults in products sold by us under the following conditions:
1. The faults are due to defects in design,materials or workmanship.
2.The faults are reported to the manufacturer representative within the warranty period.
3.The product is used only under the conditions described in our product manual.
4.The monitoring equipment incorporated in the product is correctly connected and in use.
5.Genuine the manufacturer parts are used.

The warranty does not cover faults caused by the following:
1.Deficient maintenance
2.Improper installation
3.Modifications or changes to the product and installation carried out without consulting us
4.Incorrectly executed repair work
5.Normal wear and tear
The manufacturer assumes no liability for the following:
1.Bodily injuries
2.Material damages
3.Economic losses

If you have any purchase, please contact us!

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