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Different Impellers for Submersible Sewage Pump B,C,U,G serie
Posttime:2020-04-06 11:43:55

Submersible Sewage Pump with Auto Coupling or Free Standing B,C,U,G series use different impellers for various application of waste water.
B pump incorporates a channel impeller developed exclusively for sewage pumps.The impeller has a wide channel extending from inlet to exit,which prevents internal clogging by solids sucked in the inlet.
Impeller for B submersible Sewage pump waste water
Submersible Sewage Pump with Auto Coupling or Free Standing U series
U pump is a multi-purpose pump with a vortex impeller.The impeller is used mainly in volute pumps.Vortex impellers pump water by the eddy flow caused by interaction with the casing,which prevents internal clogging by solids and fibrous matter.
 U submersible sewage pump impeller
C series
A"cutter mechanism"is provided by the combined action of a carbide blade integrated into a non-clog impeller and the saw-shaped inner surface of a suction cover.This Construction ensures that fibrous foreign matter is cutter up,and sewage is transferred without clogging.
  C submersible sewage pump impeller
G series
A grinding mechanism is provided at the suction inlet of the pump.Flow in suspended solids are cut into small pieces and pumped out by a vortex impeller without worrying about clogging in the discharge pipe.
G submersible pump sewage impeller

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