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COVID-19 Update,nCov influence
Posttime:2020-02-19 03:42:00

COVID-19 Update:

To Our Distinguished Customers,

After the infectious COVID-19,the nCov broke out in Wuhan,China,we have taken every measures to ensure workers safe by asking every worker quarantine at home according to government request.After CNY before Middle Feb,office workers can work at home.Since Feb.17th,2020,according to government documents,we could return to work with all necessary facility to prevent infection equipped and with all strict ways of protection measures taken.For example,we measure temperature for each worker every day several times after they leave and return to the factory.We keep enough space between every two workers.We purchase disinfectant 75% alcohol in volume for sterilization.

 We applied and have passed the government requirement.Now we gradually return to work,while not all of our workers return yet.So the production procedure will of course be a little later than usual.All are supposed to return to normal at Mid March.

Please pay attention.

If you have any purchase, please contact us!

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