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Why purchase our submersible sewage pumps?can I install easily?
Posttime:2020-11-26 14:51:04
A sewage pump is a pump that is connected to a motor and works under liquid.Compared with general horizontal pumps and vertical types, the sewage pump is more compact and takes up a small area. Installation and maintenance for small sewage pump can be very convenient.Large wastewater pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling system as a  device for automatic installation.Installation and maintenance is also quite convenient.

Other advantages of Aston submersible sewage pumps is that they can have long continuous running.

Because pump and motor are in the same shaft and with short shaft and light rotating parts, the load on the bearing is relatively small.

There is no problem such as cavitation damage which makes the operator feel sad.It has low Vibration noise.and low motor temperature rise,causing no pollution to the environment. 

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