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How to select really non-cloging sewage pumps?
Posttime:2020-11-26 14:51:56
Q:I buy a so-called non-clogging sewage pumps but it actually clogs,it troubles me a lot./
A manufacture exports some so-called non-clogging sewage pumps but it comes out to distinguish.
A:At present, the available sewage pumps on the market are all called non-clogging sewage pumps, so are they all really non-clogging? Not really! Users doesn’t take long to find sewage pump in application to be blocked by debris, causing the motor burning down.How to make sure you found the right non clogging sewage pump?
  First, we must analyze common debris that are blocked by sewage pumps:
  (1) Bags in hotels, restaurants and kitchens;
  (2) Bath hair care center bags;
  (3) Woven bags, braided ropes and plastic bags in the puddles.
  (4) Fibers such as sanitary napkins in septic tanks;
From the above several conditions we can see the sewage pump blockage is some soft fibers. Some sewage pumps can only drain some mud water mixture with sediment or particles, so only the sewage pump that can crush the above-mentioned soft fibers can be called a non-clog sewage pump.Ask the supplier more questions if you are an importer of submersible sewage pumps.
  Second, in terms of type selection, we should pay attention to the following :
(1) Choose submersible pumps with high strength impellers.For example our aston pumps use high chrome impeller for some drainage pumps.
(2) Aston pump also provides cutting type submersible pumps,namely C series,which could help cut the fibers before they enter ,and it also has a channel for smaller particles.Now property companies have been troubled by sewage pump motor burning out problems.But after the use of our submersible pump, the original problem is solved.

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